Agami Bakery (Nahama) was founded in 1958 at Yokneam colony. It is currently located on the Industrial Park located north of Caesarea

Since the business started, the bakery has been producing a great variety of bread; rolls, loaves, pita and many other baked goods. Especially for Hanukkah, the fully automated bakery system produces over a million donuts

Agami Bakery is very well known for its fresh produce. It has a fleet of delivery trucks that daily provide fresh goods throughout the country

The bakery currently has over 200 employees working around the clock. These include Quality Control, Technological and Maintenance staff and Truck drivers who all help to meet the ever growing demand and satisfaction of its customers

The Marketing and Service personnel travel throughout the country personally meeting with each client to provide full professional service and advice
Agami Bakery also has a nationwide chain of 10 stores to provide the general public with it's full range of products

Agami Bakery (Nahama) is fully certified to ISO 9001 Standard and is a recognized supplier to the Ministry of Defense. Kosher bakery Badatz Landa supervised by Rabbi Moshe Yehuda Leib children of Barack Shlita

We at Agami Bakery maintain a unique work process that we have followed for many years by using the most advanced technological innovations


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